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October 22, 2014 / JV

Popped Tape: Maryam

I literally cannot stop playing this song. I think I played it for seven hours straight yesterday. I’m headed to Cairo in a few weeks and a friend sent me a bunch of music from countries around the Sahara. This song, حصر مصر by Egyptian singer Maryam Saleh, was one of them. I, unfortunately, don’t speak Arabic (yet). But according to my friend, who describes himself as fluent in modern standard Arabic, the gist of the song is: “Basically it’s like if you get rid of all the bullshit, the soldiers, the dogs, the rats. The shit they brought with them will still be around.” So there you have it.

A piece of my heart also very deeply appreciated this live performance where you can hear the crowd singing and clapping along at parts. You can read more about my plans for Cairo and elsewhere on my “travel blog” (still putting it in quotes cuz I’m not yet comfortable with the idea that i have something called a travel blog whatever that is.)


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