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July 21, 2010 / JV

A Quick Note on Commenting


I haven’t had anything like a commenting policy up but I got a rather dull-witted comment today and thought I should make a couple quick notes.

Oh! First, I want to apologize to the folks whose comments have taken weeks to get approved. I switched phones, didn’t have blog email coming to my new phone, and wasn’t in the habit of checking it online. So, my sincerest apologies and I’m going to fix that situation!

Now, two things that absolutely have to happen in order for your comment to be approved:

1. A real e-mail address. Sorry, but if you use an email like “” or “” (Yes I’m talking to you – and i’m about to put you on blast in a minute. keep reading.) then your comment will not get approved. And I’m sure that it’s no coincidence that these fake emails are usually accompanied by embarrassingly crass comments.

2. Your comment needs to be relevant in some way, shape or form to the blog that you are responding to. And it needs to be MORE than racist, sexist, ageist, etc. That is to say, I understand some people are racist (sometimes without knowing). But if you are using your commenting privilege as nothing more than to rant about how black people DO kill more than other people, then you’ve picked the wrong blog.

And to the entertaining individual who inspired this post. Because of your bitchassness (no shade), I can’t approve your comment. Howeverrrr! Because it was so stoooooopid, I want to address your concerns. Actually! It deserves its own post. See next.


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