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December 6, 2009 / JV

How Easy It Is For Me to Not Enjoy Chris Brown Anymore

I’ve been spending time in cars lately. Coincidentally a lot of that time has been in the state of Virginia, Chris Brown’s home state, which means, well, a lot of Chris Brown. I didn’t make a deliberate decision when Chris Brown beat Rihanna up to not enjoy his music anymore (some of my friends would stop dancing at parties when he was played), but last night I realized that well.. i just don’t. Even Swizz’s creative beat and Weezy F Baby’s addictive flow can’t get me to bump “I Can Transform Ya” in my free time. Especially when I’m thinking like yaah.. you can transform me into a plum-colored bean bag.. and that’s not the kind of transformation I want, Chris Brown.

But I’m not one to keep up with making moral judgments on other people’s lives. Because I don’t want to and because that’s a lot of keeping up to do. I mean.. after I saw the video of Gucci Mane punching that girl, I didn’t vow to stop shouting “BR!” at random will or give up yelling “gucciiiii” at the beginning of songs he’s featured on. Does that make me a choosey hater? Not that I really think not liking Chris Brown for his violence against Rihanna makes one a hater, per se, but for the sake of easy communication we’ll call it that.

So my question for the day – can we selectively hate on people who do things that are really against what we believe / our life force? Or if we’re going to really be about not liking Chris Brown, should we be ‘holistic’ – if you will – in our hateration and also stop supporting other offenders?



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  1. Jay M / Jan 2 2010 12:32 pm

    How did that get past the editing department? Do they not understand that “Down” is a preposition and doesn’t belong at the end of a sentence? Still, he shouldn’t have hit a girl.

  2. Bethy / Feb 4 2010 10:03 am

    Ask any cafeteria Catholic…or Wal-Mart boycotter: selective hateration = picking your battles. That said, I personally would be a whole lot happier if it were possible for me to not buy any sweatshop-made clothes/not happen to enjoy the beats of songs with misogynistic song lyrics/not put any foods in my body made with genetically modified organisms…
    …but no one’s perfect. (I mean, who doesn’t find themselves rocking a $3 Target shirt, chowing on Cheetos, and rocking out to Lil Wayne? …oh, that’s just me? :)

    • the black scientist / Feb 5 2010 9:51 pm

      lol. agreed. it’s a hard knock life. but what’s a cafeteria catholic? is that like the catholic version of kosher-when-paid?

  3. Harrison / Feb 8 2010 11:26 pm

    Selective hating is the human condition. There is no other way, short of suicide. Take that dog-killer quarterback, for instance. I hate that guy with a passion for what he did to innocent creatures, yet i myself am a meat-eating hypocrite.

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