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November 3, 2008 / JV

Vote [Obama] or We Can’t Be Friends. No, really.

I hope some people are able to use this info as a resource in the coming days.

Find out where to vote here.

Here’s a somewhat long bit on what to expect. They talk about fraud, wearing insignia to the polls, and so on. Listen to it while you get dressed.

Election/Voter Problem Hotlines:

866-MYVOTE1 • 866-OUR-VOTE • 888-VOTE-TIP (fraud reports)

The grassroots movement is not over (and will not be after tomorrow).
To all my guerilla documenters, those with camera phones, digital cameras, etc. To my folks who are heading out to watch the polls, or who will be standing in line at the polls, send meaningful videos to video the vote.
If you don’t have a video, but a story, please share it. It can’t hurt.

If you happen to be voting in Bedstuy, I’ll be working at the poll on Grant Square near Dean St pretty much all day. If you come through, holla at your girl. I’ll be the one with the afro, probably blinking for two seconds too long and drinking black tea for a caffeine rush.

Whatever you do, don’t forget: you can vote however you like (although not voting for a certain someone will basically kill any cool points you might have accumulated).



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  1. keondra. / Nov 5 2008 12:57 am

    well i’m certainly glad i voted for obama. wouldn’t have wanted to lose a friend lol.

  2. brownblackandqueer / Nov 6 2008 1:19 am

    lol keondra. good choice. we can also be friends.

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