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August 8, 2008 / JV

That's Just My Babydaddy

John Edwards admits to cheating on his wife, Elizabeth, with a 42 year-old filmmaker called Rielle Hunter whom he met at a New York City bar in 2006.

Formerly known as Lisa Druck prior to her 'enlightenment' and realization of self

formerly Lisa Druck prior to her 'enlightenment' and realization of self

Edwards confesses that he was sexually involved with Hunter, but wants us to know that he does not love her. So don’t get it twisted.

He also says he is not the father of her daughter who was born on February 27, 2008, because of the timing of the affair and the birth. Isn’t this beginning to sound like an episode of Maury?

After they met, Hunter incorporated her firm Midline Groove Productions LLC, and was hired by Edwards’ campaign to do promotional videos. Edwards’ One America Committee paid Hunt’s company a total of some 114,000 dollars as compensation for the production of four web videos showing “the real John Edwards” preparing for speeches and having conversations on airplanes about morals and such.

Are male politicians more prone than the everyday married man to cheat on their wives, or are they just more likely to get caught? If it’s the latter, how many men are using business trips and a cold 40 oz as their gateways to extramarital affairs? Maybe politicians are simply more likely to cheat because women are more willing? I mean, since when has being the chick on the side resulted in a six-figure deal to put videos on youtube?

At least Clinton was smart enough to draw the line at a little bit of head (a move that also scored him some extra street cred).

I guess I’m just concerned with the fact that it’s become so commonplace to turn on the TV and see another politician being charged with and/or admitting to cheating on his partner. It then turns into this protracted battle over terminology, while the press and the accused engage in a volley over the relevance of terms like “relations,” “intercourse,” and all of a sudden — “love”. But what about the betrayed and most likely embarrassed unspoken woman who never seems to be visible when such news gets out? What about the children . . . ? And what about the sanctity of this holy union called marriage?!


(totally related. blog on marriage coming right up…)


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